Gold Collar careers in manufacturing are in high demand.

With an average annual wage of $52,378, manufacturing jobs pay up to 20% more than the average annual wage in Florida. And, manufacturing is currently in high demand with approximately 16,500 manufacturers right here in Florida.

Come and learn the Gold Collar credentials (because you are worth your weight in gold if the process/system shuts down) such as hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC’s and motors. A basic Millwright profile of expertise, this Engineering Technology AS Degree covers industrial/plant maintenance training, as well as a robust set of skill building aimed at advanced manufacturing and operations. With this suite of capabilities under your belt you can go to work in this INDUSTRIAL track with any of the local plants, and be fit for consideration with a sophisticated durable goods manufacturer such as automotive or heavy equipment. You’ll learn the safety, lean manufacturing, and technical writing skills to compete on a world-class level.

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