High-paying manufacturing and robotics jobs are in demand.

For people who are good with their hands, and love technology, there’s a high demand from business owners who want to see things made right! Our new Advanced Manufacturing & Production Technology program prepares students for employment or advanced training in the manufacturing career cluster.

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This 600 clock hour program includes competency-based application and knowledge of all aspects of the manufacturing industry. We start with foundational knowledge of safety, quality, leadership and enterprise systems. We continue with transferable skills regarding technological tools, welding, machines, instrumentation, materials and industry processes. We teach the use of CAD, project management, CNC machines, computer controls and robotics, AC/DC electrical controls, and Programmable Logic Controls. When you complete our program, you will understand fluid power like hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as fundamentals of industrial maintenance.

Upon completion, you’ll be eligible for high demand jobs in various automation, engineering, and robotics roles paying well above the average for this area. Business owners are searching for these type technical skills and many who are working in this field are retiring. You can also continue your education into our 2-Year AS Degree in Engineering Technology.


Faculty & Staff

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