Easily accessible through airport and interstate travel, Chipola College Criminal Justice Training Center provides professional
one-stop convenience for its Equivalency of Training (EOT) students. We have the availability of extended-stay, discounted accommodation rates at local Inns and suites, and numerous restaurants and shopping facilities. While on campus, students are welcomed at Chipola’s On-Site Cafeteria.

Who is eligible for equivalency of training assessment?

Out-of-State, military, federal and previously certified Florida officers with less than eight years break in service.

If you want to become a Florida certified law enforcement officer, you will be required to successfully complete a three step process:

    • Successful completion of a 40 hour High Liability Proficiency Review Course (Tuition $450)
    • Pass the Florida Law Enforcement Officer Certification State Exam

Students are provided with current curriculum books, containing all the information necessary to successfully pass the written state examination. Additionally, during the EOT training course an optional state exam preparation/review class is offered at no additional charge.

Equivalency of training classes are offered throughout the year, but the class sizes are limited, so you should confirm your date as soon as possible. Currently scheduled Equivalency of Training course dates:

LAW ENFORCEMENT                                                    CORRECTIONS

JANUARY 28TH – February 1, 2019                                      JANUARY 28TH -31, 2019

MARCH 18 -22, 2019                                                              MARCH 18 – 20, 2019

MAY 20 -24, 2019                                                                    MAY 20 -22, 2019

JULY 15 -19, 2019                                                                    JULY 15 – 17, 2019

SEPTEMBER 16 – 20, 2019                                                      SEPTEMBER 16 -18, 2019

NOVEMBER 4 -8, 2019                                                            NOVEMBER 4 – 6, 2019

For future dates and more information contact David Arnette at (850)718-2479.